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Twisted Science


Okay, we know we are in Hollywood where real science is as popular as ethics, but sometimes things get too far out for even us. Our Council Member says that if local buildings haven’t fallen down by now it proves they are safe…never mind the “Big One” (its comin’ as Red Foxx used to say) hasn’t happened while any of our buildings have been standing. So the LA liberal bicycle movement rolls over lowly science.

Our current Mayor and former greener than thou Council Member just claimed there was no map, ergo no earthquake fault, besides no one has to do any of messy studies – too much science. He was slick enough to suddenly become the Knight of Earthquake Science – for the cameras. While City Hall insiders say he is up late studying alchemy and trying to figure out his own map around the irksome scientists while they are blinded by his charm.

Of course we all know about the right wing assault on climate science. One example of which is, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. He dealt science out the door  in 2011 by throwing Georgia’s State Climate Expert Dr. Stooksbury out into the, ahem, cold, when his warnings on climate change didn’t fit with Deal’s denying ways. As Frozen Nathan, up to his denying behind in snow these days now knows, science has a way of biting you in the snowballs when you least expect it.

Mayor and Council Members take a cue

before the roof falls – on you.

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